BunnyChow experience is inspired by the South African food culture which food is all about sharing. We want to share this culture and the South African famous bunny with you! This is the reason we decided to create our own food truck and focus on different locations, markets, events and festivals to bring the bunny chow closer to you. Even more important, we want to give you a chance to create your own “BunnyChow” Experience.

BunnyChow’s Origin


A large number of Indians settled in the Durban area around 1940 and curry and roti became very popular in South Africa. This was the time of the great depression in South Africa and curry was not only a delightful and tasty dish but a cheap and affordable one as well, especially with sugar beans and potatoes in it. BunnyChow became a perfect solution to serve curry as take-out to the non-white community through back windows of the restaurants. It was in this time that the Bunny Chow was born, a simple half a loaf of bread filled with curry, without a clear origin but with a number of tales about its existence.



The BunnyChow has no clear origins but a number of tales that tells its origin. One tale is about Banja, a manager of a small restaurant called Kapitan’s on the corner of Victoria and Albert Street in Durban. The restaurant’s specialty was roti & beans curry. Banja wanted to extend his service by offering takeaways, but the beans tended to fall out of the roti and they were generally difficult to eat without it falling apart. It was then that Banja decided to serve his curry in a hollowed loaf of bread, which they were soon known as Banja’s chow and later became known as Bunny Chow.


Another tale is Indians who worked in the sugar plantations. The workers would sit under a “banyan tree” (Ficus benghalensis) and share their hollowed bread loaf that got it name banyan’s chow, thus late became bunny chow.

Then there was the Royal Durban Golf caddies tale; who couldn't get to Grey Street for a quick curry lunch. They would organise their friends to buy the curry for them in the city and since there were no Tupperware containers, or disposable plastics to bring it back to the golf course, the curries were brought back in hollowed out loaves instead.

Events 2017






King's Day - Rotterdam, Raampoortterras











Swan Market, Rotterdam






Soenda Festival, Utrecht




Toost Foodtruck Festival, Den Haag




-  5


- 18


- 25


MultiCulinair Food Festival, Groningen





MultiCulinair Food Festival, Willemshaven





Dancing in the Streets, Groenlo




Coming Soon!!!!



All served in a organic bread!

Traditional Durban’s Lamb curry

Served with carrot salad & yoghurt-mint sauce



Garlic meatballs in monkey gland sauce

Served with homemade salsa salad

and crème fraiche sauce


Vegetarian curry with chickpeas and tauge.

Served with carrot & yoghurt-mint sauce


Chicken curry with coconut milk & lemongrass

Served with carrot salad & yoghurt-mint sauce

Festivals, markets & events


Throughout the whole year you will find the bunnytruck at different festivals, markets and events with the BunnyChow Experience. Do you want to know when we are around your area, click here.


Food truck catering


Our food truck can also be present at your event or party and bring the food-truck-experience to you; for private & corporate events and film production.

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